Asbestos Awareness (Group Course)

Asbestos Awareness Course 

Asbestos is well known as the ‘Hidden Killer’. A very flexible substance used almost everywhere in the building trade as well as in the Safety Industry. Found in abundance, cheap and easy to work with. prolonged exposure can lead to many life threatening illnesses and conditions. This Asbestos Awareness Training in Paisley complies with Regulation 10 of the Management of Asbestos Regulations 2012.

The control of Asbestos regulation requires employers to ensure that their employers receive adequate information, instruction and training relating to the risks of exposure to asbestos.

Who is this for?
Asbestos Awareness Training is for all levels of employees of all sectors who may be exposed to asbestos as part of their duties. Candidates will receive a certificate of attendance. This course should be refreshed annually.

Course Overview

  • Introduction
  • Legislation
  • Introduction to asbestos and types
  • Health Hazards
  • Likely places asbestos can be found
  • Non licensed and licensed differences
  • Limitations of working with asbestos
  • Safe working
  • Use of PPE
  • Emergency procedures
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